AI Tool Analyzes Microscopy Images

An AI tool offers new opportunities for analyzing images taken with microscopes. A study shows that the tool, which has already received international recognition, can fundamentally change microscopy and pave the way for new discoveries and areas of use within both research and industry.

Deep learning has taken the world by storm and has had a huge impact on many industries, sectors, and scientific fields. Researchers have now developed an AI tool that makes it possible to utilize the incredible potential of deep learning, with a focus on images taken with microscopes.

In microscopy, the great challenge is to retrieve as much information as possible from the data-packed images, and this is where deep learning has proven to be very effective. The tool involves neural networks learning to retrieve exactly the information that a researcher wants from an image by looking through a huge number of images, known as training data. The tool simplifies the process of producing training data compared with having to do so manually so that tens of thousands of images can be generated in an hour instead of a hundred in a month.

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