3D Holograms In Visible Range With High Frame Rate

3D holograms are ideal for displaying three-dimensional images visible to the naked eye. Metasurfaces consisting of subwavelength structures show great potential in light field manipulation, which is useful for overcoming the drawbacks of common computer-generated holography.

However, there are long-existing challenges to achieving dynamic meta-holography in the visible range, such as low frame rate and low frame number. In this work, scientists demonstrate a design of meta-holography (3D holograms) that can achieve 228 different holographic frames and an extremely high frame rate (9523 frames per second) in the visible range.

The design is based on a space channel metasurface and a high-speed dynamic structured laser beam modulation module. The space channel consists of silicon nitride nanopillars with a high modulation efficiency. This method can satisfy the needs of a holographic display and be useful in other applications, such as laser fabrication, optical storage, optics communications, and information processing.

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