Syntec Wins Accelerator Excellence Award at Annual Raytheon Supplier Forum

Rochester, NY. Sept.1, 2004

At the 2004 Raytheon Supplier Forum, Syntec Technologies of Pavilion, NY was singled out for its contribution to the Paveway II program, which is critical to US efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Raytheon recognized Syntec with its Accelerator Excellence Award. It was the only award of its kind at the forum and one of only seven awards in total.

First selected by Raytheon in 2003 to assume selected manufacturing responsibilities for the Paveway Program, Syntec enhanced and expanded its efforts throughout 2004. Within the first four months Syntec conducted a full design review of 16 components, manufactured 16 new molds and met fully integrated production needs, significantly increasing quality while lowering costs. As production volumes continued to grow, Syntec was able to respond innovatively to additional requests for cost reduction in two critical components, again without disrupting schedules or impacting quality. Throughout, Syntec has delivered 100% on time with zero defects.