Syntec Optics Launches Fabless Integrated Photonics Manufacturing

10/30/2018, Rochester, NY USA

Syntec Optics, advanced optics manufacturer located in Rochester NY, announced today that it has expanded its capabilities to include manufacturing of components for integrated photonics circuits (PIC) and also packaging capabilities to satisfy the needs for low cost and low loss photonics.

Syrus Ziai, SVP at QsiQuantum has emphasized continued integrated photonics developments. At AIM Photonics, one of the fourteen US Government funded manufacturing centers of excellence, Syrus said, ”Use of integrated silicon photonics extends beyond just building the next generation internet and sensors. It could be the best choice to make quantum computers in the future.”

The techniques developed by Syntec Optics can make small photonics readers for PIC chips, off-chip optics including interconnects, collimators, and arrays for visible and infrared spectra, and metrology procedures. In addition to these existing techniques, it has now invested in tools to support the design of PICs, Design for Manufacturing considerations for PIC fabs, and passive alignment of components for packaging.

“It is great to see Syntec Optics developing off-chip optics and the ability to source PICs. PIC will bring low cost, weight, and power consumption solutions to electronics circuits used in customer’s optical assemblies,” said Syntec’s executive chairman and investor, Al Kapoor, who spoke on the investment panel at AIM Photonics. Syntec-manufactured polymer optics components and assemblies are used in diverse products that include defense missiles and night vision goggles, medical testing equipment for the detection of disease, and consumer virtual reality systems.

Syntec Optics is North America’s largest privately owned polymer optics and optomechanical component and assembly provider. The company recently renovated a state-of-the-art 85,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in the metropolitan Rochester area.

“The properties of optical polymers and easily-moldable glasses such as chalcogenides provide a realistic path to commercialization satisfying the high-volume, low-cost requirements of the optical interconnects that will enable integrated photonics platforms. We look forward to collaborations with our customers,” said Dr. Rob Parada, President of Syntec Optics.

To learn more about this new capability please visit and watch the video or call Sara Hart at Syntec Optics at 585.464.9336 x101 or 650.616.4229.