Syntec Optics Advances Optics Manufacturing with Ultem

12/21/2018, Rochester, NY USA

Syntec Optics, a leading optics and photonics manufacturer located in Rochester NY, announced today that it is expanding its manufacturing expertise used for missile guides and night-vision goggles to surgical instruments and aviation datacom.

Dr. Rob Parada, President of Syntec Optics said, ”Unfilled and glass-filled variants of Ultem have applications across many markets, from next-generation defense platforms to medical and datacom products. While these materials can be challenging to mold and machine, their optical and physical properties make them well-suited for both photonics and mechanical components in state-of-the-art products.”

Syntec Optics and its precision machining division (Wordingham Technologies) have invested in the development of mature manufacturing methods for these materials. These manufacturing techniques enable low-cost replicative molding of small barrels for disposable surgical devices and optically coated interconnect arrays for datacom. These techniques also enable precision machining of durable thin-walled barrels for military applications.

Syntec Optics continues to push the envelope for visible and infrared spectrum to achieve lower cost and weight in harsh operating environments,” said Syntec’s executive chairman and investor, Al Kapoor. Syntec-manufactured optics and photonics components and assemblies are used in diverse products that include robotics, medical surgery devices, and driverless cars.

Syntec Optics is North America’s largest privately-owned custom optics component and assembly provider. It is expanding its state-of-the-art 85,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in the metropolitan Rochester area.

To learn more about this new capability please visit and watch the video or call Sara Burke at Syntec Optics at 585.464.9336 x101 or 650.616.4229.