Syntec Optics Adds Micro Glass Molding Capabilities in Rochester NY

Rochester, NY September 4, 2018

Syntec Optics, advanced optics manufacturer located in Rochester NY, announced today that it has expanded its capabilities to include replicative molding of glass materials to satisfy the needs of the growing micro-optics and photonics markets.

Lionel Kimerling, a world renowned expert and leader in MIT’s microphotonics education program, said in a recent class for designers, “Photonics devices are headed in the same direction as electronic devices. They need to be more integrated, small, and with less loss.”

The techniques developed by Syntec Optics are applicable to the manufacture of small photonics interconnects, collimators, and arrays as well as larger optical components spanning the visible and infrared spectra.  Precision molding permits these challenging systems to be combined into fewer parts, reducing cost and alignment complexity.

Syntec Optics is making American manufacturing globally competitive again. The new capabilities enable customers not to rely on foreign sources for molded glass needs,” said Syntec’s executive chairman and investor, Al Kapoor, who continues to invest in making Syntec Optics an industry pioneer. Syntec-manufactured polymer optics components and assemblies are used in diverse products that include defense missiles and night vision goggles, medical testing equipment for the detection of disease, and consumer virtual reality systems.

Syntec Optics is North America’s largest privately owned polymer optics and opto-mechanical component and assembly provider. The company recently renovated a state-of-the-art 85,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in the metropolitan Rochester area, resulting in co-location of its extensive core capabilities – including injection molding of polymer optics, molding tool fabrication, diamond-turning rapid prototyping, optical coating, optoelectronic sub-assemblies. Wordingham Technologies, Syntec’s subsidiary specializing in opto-mechanical components for the optics and photonics industries, is likewise housed in this centralized facility. The large footprint of the new space has permitted Syntec to add glass molding capabilities to extend its support of high-performance optical systems.

“The addition of glass molding capabilities builds on Syntec’s core competency in mass producing precision molded optics.  It gives the company another powerful manufacturing method to satisfy the ever more challenging performance needs of its expanding customer base. This combined capability allows us to solve incredibly difficult problems in a wide range of sectors – from  communications to security, medical, and consumer,” said Dr. Rob Parada, President of Syntec Optics.

To learn more about this new capability please visit and watch the video or call Sara Hart at Syntec Optics at 585.464.9336 x101 or 650.616.4229.