Leaders in Polymer Optics Solutions

At Syntec Optics we produce high-end custom polymer optics. As the largest custom polymer optics manufacturer in the United States, we’re certain to have the optical plastic you require for your business solutions. Founded in 1981 as Syntec, we have 35 years of experience designing and developing state-of-the-art polymer optics. From optical elements and opto mechanical integration to electro optics and software development, our business is always expanding our design capabilities.

Polymer Optics Applications
At Syntec Optics, we are known for our robust and dependable molded polymer or hybrid components in defense, medical and biometrics applications. However, our expertise and experience doesn’t stop there. Our polymer optics applications also include: microfluidics, LED lighting, heads up displays and a bevy of custom optic applications, such as laser, machine vision and imaging components, as well as bioinstruments and optomechanics.

In addition to being one of the leading engineers in the polymer optics field, we’ve also spurred innovation in many areas, particularly in single point diamond turning and the application and tolerances of optical plastic. To learn more about our applications and how we can assist you with our polymer optic needs, contact us today.