Polymer Optics Surgical Lighting

Syntec Optics creates the optical and opaque components used in an optoelectronic subassembly to create optics used in surgical lighting for medical industry clients. We utilize our Design For Manufacture (DFM) concepts to optimize the part geometries, then produce single point diamond turned (SPDT) prototypes. We have engineered mold tooling and inspection fixturing. The optical and opaque components are molded using our Arburg 28-ton injection molding machines using Acrylic VLD-100. The opaque components are made using various material resins, including Nylon Zytel 101, Acetal Delrin 500P, ABS Cycolac MG-94, and Polycarbonate FR0.

We work within extremely tight tolerances during the manufacturing process. We perform profilometer and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) data computation following production.

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