Supporting Healthcare with Optical Polymers

One of our many specialties at Syntec Optics is in the field of medical optics. We provide quality and precisely built optical plastic products for health care applications that are used in medical offices, hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the United States.

Optometry Applications
At Syntec, one of our products includes next-generation lenses that help optometrists provide accurate eye testing, analyzing the eye, and otherwise perform clinical work. Utilizing new technology like LED lighting and best practices for design, injection molding, and diamond turning, Syntec Optics uses advanced methods to generate lenses and other products in ways that support end users and deliver precision.

We also create optical components for endoscopes used in colonoscopy or other procedures. Specially made lenses look in detail at internal areas of the body to provide visual diagnosis or assessment. The lenses and components made for these important tasks have to adhere to specialized industrial standards.

Syntec Optics supports doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in the health care industry, and helps to assure that these providers can give patients the best quality of care. You can count on state-of-the-art, precise and dependable products from Syntec Optics. As a medical care professional or medical provider, we know that it’s imperative to provide and have access to top-quality optical polymers products and equipment for your patients. Learn more today by visiting us at