Smartphone Tech Relies On Augmented Reality For More Accurate Biopsy

A team of researchers at the University of Twente (UT; Enschede, Netherlands) is developing a smartphone technology based on the usage of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and augmented reality (AR). This technology enables medical personnel to reconstruct 3D body sections quickly, only by holding the smartphone around the area of interest. This smartphone will display the augmented layers of the 3D skin surface to visualize invisible information for medical personnel.

“We would like to layer the information from the MRI and other vein scans (from sensor devices using laser speckle) and make them visible with augmented reality,” says Beril Sirmaçek, one of the researchers involved in the work. This will allow doctors to see the inner body segments, tumors, veins, and the status of diabetic ulcers with the use of AR. This visual support enables doctors to oversee the situation better and make better decisions. In a biopsy situation, this visual support can help with guiding the robot arms to reach the tumor for biopsy at the first attempt, instead of taking the off-chance and reaching for the correct location by working with a patient for a whole day and making unsuccessful biopsy holes on the patient’s body.

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