Scalable Quantum Light Source Could Enable Quantum Cryptography, Computing

Researchers have developed a scalable platform for on-chip quantum emitters. They created a scalable, precise method for producing many quantum light sources on a chip. These light sources have the potential to be used in quantum computers and quantum cryptographic systems. According to the researchers, the method combines spatial control and scalability with the ability to emit photons efficiently on demand.

The researchers used a metal nanocube’s corners to enhance electric fields and deform a 2D material. Using this nanoplasmonic platform, they could study the same quantum emitter before and after coupling.

The researchers devised a method for producing nearly defect-free crystals. The researchers used the crystals to construct rows of quantum emitters. An atom-thin film of semiconducting material was stretched over a gold nanocube to create the emitters. The film left an imprint of defined locations where single-photon emitters formed as it was stretched over the cube’s corners.

The gold nanocube not only imprinted the quantum emitter on the chip but also served as an optical antenna around it. The researchers attached a mirror to the bottom side of the nanocube to create the nanoantennas. The quantum emitters were built between the gold nanocube and the mirror, leaving a 5 nm gap.

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