Polymer Optics Gain Respect

For many years, polymer optics languished as the stepchild of the photonics world. Considered unsuitable for high-precision applications, plastic lenses were relegated to toys, low-accuracy eyepieces and low-end cameras — markets where high volumes, intense cost pressures and space constraints made these materials the only viable solution. With continued improvement in both materials and manufacturing techniques, new markets emerged, first in telecommunications and then in biomedicine and biometrics. These industries demanded more of optics than low cost. Also critical were high precision, complete reliability, exceptional versatility and single-use flexibility.

To meet these needs, suppliers developed new materials, insert manufacturing techniques and ways to produce smaller and smaller tooling. Most importantly, they worked with designers to integrate multiple optical and mechanical elements into repeatable components and assemblies. As a result, plastics are also taking center stage in homeland security and military operations.

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