One Pair Of Eyeglasses For Life: Stanford Autofocals Correct Vision As You Age

A team of Stanford University (Stanford, CA) researchers has developed a system that automatically corrects presbyopia–the inability for eyes to focus clearly on nearby objects. Dubbed Autofocals, the system externally mimics the natural accommodation response of the eye by combining data from eye trackers and a depth sensor, and then automatically drives focus-tunable lenses. While there are a variety of vision correction options to address this problem, most solutions, to date, fall short of delivering users the natural vision quality of their youth.

“A lot of presbyopes have had time to get used to their corrections, through progressive lenses, monovision, etc., but they still spent the majority of their lives being able to refocus their eyes,” says Nitish Padmanaban, lead author of the study and electrical engineering PhD candidate at Stanford. “We want to restore that experience.”

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