Multimodal Optical Microscopy Instrument To Observe Cancer Cells In 4D

A group of scientists will create a device that combines four optical microscopy technologies to image live cancer cells in 4D. The multimodal device will also plot, track, and analyze the cells’ position, movement, and function as they grow and interact with the proteins and sugars that make up their surroundings (the extracellular matrix).
It will allow scientists to understand how cells’ physical and biochemical cues influence the matrix and how these interactions affect disease progression.
While a traditional microscope produces a sharp image from a single object plane, multiplaning records sharp images from multiple object planes simultaneously. They will combine a revolutionary multiplane system with optical trapping before integrating it into their full light sheet-based trapping system. It will allow researchers to fully investigate how cells migrate, grow, and interact in 3D and real-time.
The new method will be useful in developing therapies for diseases such as cancer, in which cells respond abnormally to signals from their local matrix. Optical technology advancements may also benefit research into degenerative diseases, regenerative medicine, and infection pathways as scientists gain a better understanding that will eventually inform treatments. The second line of research will examine how cells absorb particles and how drug therapies affect the matrix. The findings could aid in developing new medicines and drug delivery systems that target the macromolecular level.

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