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Molded Polymer Optics

Syntec has built a solid foundation developing new processes that produce various geometries and shapes of optical elements used in both visible and IR light. Syntec focuses on custom plastic optics for the Medical, Defense & Security, and the Consumer/Industrial

Polymer Optics Aspheres

Syntec Optics, your source for molded optics, produces a variety of Polymer Aspheric lenses for a wide range of applications. This type of lens is progressively expanding to imaging, sensing, and detecting applications. Advancements in optical molding software, polymer optics,...
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Polymer Optics Prisms

Polymer optics offer serious advantages in terms of their light weight, low cost, and high malleability. The key manufacturing techniques of injection molding or diamond turning ensures high repeatability and levels of precision difficult to achieve using traditional glass solutions....
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Polymer Optics Diffractives

Syntec Optics has been making Polymer Diffractive Lenses for complex applications for over a decade. With innovative practices, we can mold or diamond turn lenses to suit your need. Diffractive surfaces for polymer optics at Syntec very commonly are combined...
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IR Polymer Optics

Syntec Infrared Optics uses optical components optimized for performance beyond the visible spectrum. We offer Visible Optics or Infrared (IR) Optics in a range of substrates such as GE, ZnSe, ZnS, Zeonex, or Ultem, and a variety of anti-reflection coating...
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Syntec Optics manufactures high quality molded plastic optics, leading the market in innovative solutions. Syntec Optics holds experience in major developments in molded plastic optics for decades.

For more information on molded plastic optics or to learn more about our other products and services, please contact Syntec Optics.