Infrared Spectroscopy To Tackle Blocked Coronary Arteries

Infraredx, a subsidiary of the major Japanese medical equipment firm Nipro, has announced the availability of its hybrid ultrasound/infrared (IVUS+NIRS) system for imaging blocked coronary arteries in Japan.

The “Makoto” intravascular mapping system is designed to assist cardiologists in performing specific interventions for individual patients.

The combination of IVUS and NIRS technology has the potential to transform the field of interventional cardiology. Two distinct modalities in one catheter provide cardiologists with twice the information of other imaging catheters, assisting in developing personalized treatment plans.

The catheter-delivered imaging tool is said to take advantage of the dual-modality approach by mapping the shape of blocked blood vessels and determining the chemical composition of the plaque causing the blockage.

The Makoto system includes a “Dualpro” imaging catheter with a wide ultrasound bandwidth. “By emitting and carefully processing a broad band of frequencies, the Dualpro IVUS provides best-in-class image resolution without sacrificing depth of field,” according to Infraredx, with the benefits translating to crisper arterial imagery.

To identify lipid core plaque (LCP) features, this information is combined with near-infrared spectroscopic (NIRS) data and translated into a color-coded map. This information can assist cardiologists in differentiating between stable and dangerous plaques within a patient’s arteries.

“When combined, IVUS+NIRS provides cardiologists with unprecedented insights into the role LCP plays in heart disease,” says Infraredx.

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