Polymer Optics Heads Up Displays


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Syntec Optics, maker of polymer optics like heads up display plastic prisms and plastic freeform prisms, uses advanced skills in mold-making and single point diamond turning (SPDT). These advanced technologies are used to mold a cyclo-olefin polymer (COP) optic for use in a heads-up display. These help to construct a mold for the complex part geometry that robust enough to stand up to the demanding production volumes of the automotive industry. Through our many years of experience we quickly perform highly accurate process capability analyses. As such, develop molding processes which meet the aforementioned tolerances, and minimize the haze inherent to COP resins. All this help in achieving the required part-to-part consistency.

Our team is able to build the mold, complete the PPAP qualification and deliver parts in time to meet the production launch date. For more information on Automotive Heads-Up display or to learn more about our other products and services, please contact Syntec Optics. We are happy to assist you with a variety of polymer optics, including plastic freeform prisms and heads up display plastic prisms.