Polymer Optics Fingerprint Scanning

Fingerprints are many forms of biometrics used for identification and authorization purposes in numerous applications. Fingerprint recognition is one of the most popular biometric technologies because of its ease of use. Hardware used in fingerprint readers uses different sensors to capture fingerprints. Optical sensors are most commonly used in fingerprint recognition devices. Software applications for fingerprint recognition use sophisticated algorithms to extract matching features like minutae. Image enhancement and fingerprint matching are equally important stages in software development.

Syntec Optics customizes and manufactures all components for five different fingerprint scanner models. We have designed tooling and parts, including several extremely tight tolerance prisms, diffractives, lenses, and a series of housing components. Testing software has been developed in conjunction with the customer. After the final test, the products are shipped directly to the end-user. Syntec has shipped well over half-million fingerprint scanning devices for applications, including tactical optics.

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