Wordingham Technologies offers comprehensive manufacturing design and product support from initial consultation to production. We are experts in providing premium cost reduction analysis. We use our precision manufacturing expertise to assist customers in providing the most streamlined, cost-effective machining solutions and innovative ways to improve the manufacturability of every component.

Because of our forward-thinking and machining techniques for consistently manufacturing quality components, we are always looking for ways to reduce manufacturing costs. Suggestions as simple as a recommendation for increasing a simple corner radius to suggesting multiple part consolidation or vice versa, making a single part into multiple parts and CAD Design assistance can significantly reduce the cost of a part.

Tony Phillips, the lead process engineer, possesses 30 years of experience in turning and milling custom mechanical components for the optics and photonics world. As a process engineer, Tony ensures design feasibility, works with our client engineers at the design phase to resolve possible production issues, and suggests innovative techniques to save cost or improve fit. Tony also works with our cell leaders to develop critical manufacturing programming and tool selection.