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Markets & Applications Portfolio

Bioinstrument and Optomechanics

CNC turning and milling capabilities at SyntecOptics.com enable us to manufacture bioinstrumentation components for applications such as complex DNA sequencing, blood analyzing, electrocardiographs, cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators, blood pressure & flow monitors and medical imaging systems....
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Imaging Components

At SyntecOptics.com, we offer CNC turning and milling for innovative microscopes, borescopes and thermal imaging products as well as imaging components for biomedical, defense and Industrial imaging applications. ...
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Laser Components

Connect with our team at SyntecOptics.com for CNC turning and CNC milling for precise laser surgical equipments, laser cutting and defense products. We serve our customers with optical components used in laser optics applications like biomedical, defense, industrial and consumer...
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