The measurement of physiological, biological and physical parameters using instruments in living organisms is termed as Bioinstrumentation. Biomedical devices are an amalgamation of biology, sensors, interface electronics, microcontrollers, and computer programming, and require the combination of several traditional disciplines including biology, optics, mechanics, mathematics, electronics, chemistry, and computer science. The field of bioinstrumentation has seemingly endless possibilities because of its fusion of different fields for the common purpose of developing new and exciting ways of managing and treating disease and disabilities.

Bioinstrumentation has many applications in life sciences such as electronic multi-parameter brain and whole body monitors that measure ECG, blood pressure, pulse and pulse oxymetry, respiration rate, CO2, glucose levels, vaporizers, oxygen mask, suction catheters, respirators, defibrillators, pumps for delivering anesthesia and insulin, blood alkalinity, flow cytometry, microbiology and genetic testing specialised instruments etc.

In surgery, biomedical optics help design non invasive surgical techniques, for example Lasik Eye Surgery for resolving astigmatism. Syntec Optics is a leading manufacturer of biomedical and bioinstrumentation custom optics and opto mechanicals.