The headliner L-720, equipped with 7-axis capabilities with up to 12 live tools turning and 7 ID work tools, can maintain (+/-) .0001. This machine tool is equipped with the powerful Mitsubishi 700 Control. Full servo axes and advanced technologies enable faster machining operations while reducing the non-cutting idle time by 40%. This machine tool demonstrates the versatility and capability to manufacture a variety of complex custom optics parts measuring up to 20mm in diameter and up to 6 inches in length.

At Wordingham Technologies, we pride ourselves on offering the most cutting-edge and time-efficient screw machining services. Our equipment is outfitted with a 12′ automatic bar feeder that enables us to perform lights-out manufacturing. This helps to ensure we meet the delivery commitments to our customers, and with our advanced technology, we can with a broad selection of materials, ranging from Ultem, Delrin, aluminum, brass, alloy steels, and stainless steels.

Please contact our company today to learn more about our superior CNC Swiss Screw Machining services. We also invite you to inquire about any of our additional services, including CAD design support, CAM programming, and design review for manufacturability.