Blood Analyzer


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Blood Analyzers count the number of different types of red and white blood cells, blood platelets, haemoglobin, and haematocrit levels in a blood sample using both electrical and optical techniques. Optical detection helps to gain a differential count of the populations of white cell types. A dilute suspension of cells is passed through a flow cell which passes cells one at a time through a capillary tube past a laser beam. The reflectance, transmission and scattering of light from each cell is analysed by sophisticated software giving a numerical representation of the likely overall distribution of cell populations. Hand held blood analyzers are used in Point of Care Testing (POCT).

With a long history of providing top quality and delivery of intricate parts, Wordingham Technologies was contacted by a client to make medical technology components which included housing and cover for the optical system of Blood Analyzer. This housing and cover is used in a hand held blood analyzer. The part geometry and tolerancing make these parts difficult to make. They must fit together perfectly, and the part finish requirement is crucial as well.